The Amal engineering company was first established in Birmingham in the late 1920s and was the chosen carburettor supplier for Velocette motorcycles. Today, Amal carbs and spares continue to be produced for the classic motorcycle market.

Here at Grove Classic motorcycles, we stock a comprehensive range of Amal carbs and carburettor parts.

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Product Categories
Amal Carburettor
376/410 Amal Double Banjo - 55 Degree
(Inc £7.44)
376/61 Amal 376 Monobloc Carb - 1.1/16" Viper
(Inc £300.67)
376/100/420 Amal Main Jet - 420
(Inc £5.17)
376/100/410 Amal Main Jet - 410
(Inc £5.17)
376/100/270 Amal Main Jet - 270
(Inc £5.17)