K78AS Oil Pump Assembly KSS - We have had a limited batch made.

GCM111 Voltage Regulator 6 Volt Negative Earth.
KC1/2 Clutch Back Plate - 9 Plate Type.

Full Width Hub Assembly see Special Offer Page.
M89/7 Engine Sprocket 21Tooth Alloy MAC.

MAS5/ASS Front Fork Damper Unit - Ready to Fit see our Special Parts section.
E29/3 Headlamp Brackets Webb Forks 8" Headlamp Set of 4.
F298S-Kit Pillion Footrest Assembly - Stainless.
F298-Kit Pillion Footrest Assembly.
F298S Pillion Footrest Eyebolt - Stainless - Longer Stud.
SL56/4LS Nut - 1/4 Inch BSF/CEI Left Hand Thread - Stainless.
E29/4 Headlamp Brackets - Webb Forks for 6 1/2" H/Lamp - Set of 4.
SL8/3MS Bolt - 1/4 Inch BSF x 5/8 Inch - Domed M/Guard SS.
SL8/3M Bolt - 1/4 BSF x 5/8 Inch - Domed M/Guard Plated.
Push Rod Tube Cover Assemblies which are fitted with 'O' Ring conversion. There are three types available:

MAS102AS for the Venom Viper Springer MAC & MSS

M50AS for the MOV

M50/3AS for the Rigid MAC and MSS.
This is the MAS102AS0008S Miller Lighting Switch - Screw - Stainless.
GC4/18 Gear Lever MAC 46 on.
GCM102 Oil Tank Filter Tube Assembly - Thruxton - see Grove Classic Motorcycles Special Parts section.
MAS89/9F Dualseat 4 1/4 Gallon Flat Type - This is a new style not previously available.
MAS89/8E Dualseat 3 1/2Gallon Type with Ears- This is a new style seat not previously available.
A125/8AS Cable - Exhaust Valve Lifter with Tube - Pear The tube is angled so that the cable misses the engine fins.
A125/9AS Cable - Exhaust Valve Lifter with Tube - Barrel at both ends. The tube is angled so that the cable misses the engine fins.
53454 Lucas Rear Lamp Type 564 - Genuine UK.
Alton Electric Starter Motor and Alternator Kit.
0016KIT Dummy Battery Case including 2 6 Volt Sealed batteries.
0016S Battery 6 volt sealed for Dummy Battery Box.
S55/3 Rear Brake Torque Stay.
A65/2 Steering Head Locknut Spanner - Made in England.
LE319 Rear Number Plate - 6 Digit Type (Use with MAS117/2)- This is a new item it has never been stocked before. It is narrower than LE319/2 which was designed for the 7 digit plate.
W21/6 Front Wheel Spindle - Chrome.

MAS77/2S Rear Brake Drum & Sprocket with Studs - VM/MSS
E19/8 Dynamo V Belt Pulley on Engine-Two part with flange E19/9.
GCM 103 Alloy One Piece Push Rod Tube (Replaces MAS102/2).