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S6/3 Rear Brake Drum and sprocket for Rigid MAC including studs.

KA272/3 Speedo Gearbox 15:12 Ratio for KA268/17.

MAS47/2 Oil Pump - VM/VMT etc - All New parts Back in stock.
KS75/2 Rear Wheel cover bung. Fits into the rear wheel dust cover New Part.
MAS71S Twin Leading Shoe assembly - Stainless Fittings now back in stock.

MAS118/2 & MAS118/3 Thruxton Bottom Rockers - Correct profile Limited stock.
KA264/2 Oil Pipe 3/8 Inch ID Black Herringbone 5ft length (1.5m) There is a limited amount of this hand produced pipe back in stock.
We have a limited number of "Rubery Owen" bolts. These have been produced from the original blanks. You will find them listed in a seperate section on the website. These were fitted originally to the late Velocettes. Once these have gone there will not be any more.
KA16/13 Front Mudguard- Venom/Viper MSS 60 on £58.30.
GCM200 Flywheel Assembly All new parts including machined flywheels, big end, polished conrod and Top Hat mainshafts £750.00.
KIT12 Electronic Ignition Kit inc Coil, Housing & Electronics £220.00.
GCM107 Finned Manifold Spacer - 30mm bore £28.00.
GCM112 Voltage Regulator - 12 volt positve earth £32.00.
MAS84/5/SS Rear Mudguard - Stainless - Venom/Viper MSS 60 on £95.00.
MAS82/3 Rear Full Width Hub Assembly £295.00.
We have now formed an alliance with BTH Componets Ltd. This means you can buy BTH Magnetos online from us.

BK12/5 Kickstart Crank Thruxton, Clubman. UK Made Forged Chromed Crank.
K78AS Oil Pump Assembly KSS - We have had a limited batch made.
GCM110 Voltage Regulator 6 Volt Positive Earth.
GCM111 Voltage Regulator 6 Volt Negative Earth.
KC1/2 Clutch Back Plate - 9 Plate Type.
MAS118 Bottom Rockers New (Inlet & Exhaust).
Full Width Hub Assembly see Special Offer Page.
M89/7 Engine Sprocket 21Tooth Alloy MAC.
K191/4 Big End Rollers Oversize 3/16 x 9/16 + 2 Thou.
MAS5/ASS Front Fork Damper Unit - Ready to Fit see our Special Parts section.
E29/3 Headlamp Brackets Webb Forks 8" Headlamp Set of 4.
F298S-Kit Pillion Footrest Assembly - Stainless.
F298-Kit Pillion Footrest Assembly.
F298S Pillion Footrest Eyebolt - Stainless - Longer Stud.
SL56/4LS Nut - 1/4 Inch BSF/CEI Left Hand Thread - Stainless.
E29/4 Headlamp Brackets - Webb Forks for 6 1/2" H/Lamp - Set of 4.
SL8/3MS Bolt - 1/4 Inch BSF x 5/8 Inch - Domed M/Guard SS.
SL8/3M Bolt - 1/4 BSF x 5/8 Inch - Domed M/Guard Plated.
Push Rod Tube Cover Assemblies which are fitted with 'O' Ring conversion. There are three types available:

MAS102AS for the Venom Viper Springer MAC & MSS

M50AS for the MOV

M50/3AS for the Rigid MAC and MSS.
This is the MAS102AS0008S Miller Lighting Switch - Screw - Stainless.
GC4/18 Gear Lever MAC 46 on.
GCM102 Oil Tank Filter Tube Assembly - Thruxton - see Grove Classic Motorcycles Special Parts section.
MAS89/9F Dualseat 4 1/4 Gallon Flat Type - This is a new style not previously available.
MAS89/8E Dualseat 3 1/2Gallon Type with Ears- This is a new style seat not previously available.
A125/8AS Cable - Exhaust Valve Lifter with Tube - Pear The tube is angled so that the cable misses the engine fins.
A125/9AS Cable - Exhaust Valve Lifter with Tube - Barrel at both ends. The tube is angled so that the cable misses the engine fins.
53454 Lucas Rear Lamp Type 564 - Genuine UK.
Alton Electric Starter Motor and Alternator Kit.
0016KIT Dummy Battery Case including 2 6 Volt Sealed batteries.
0016S Battery 6 volt sealed for Dummy Battery Box.
S55/3 Rear Brake Torque Stay.
A65/2 Steering Head Locknut Spanner - Made in England.
LE319 Rear Number Plate - 6 Digit Type (Use with MAS117/2)- This is a new item it has never been stocked before. It is narrower than LE319/2 which was designed for the 7 digit plate.
W21/6 Front Wheel Spindle - Chrome.
Z027 Velocette Technical Collection

Velocette Technical Collection. Compiled by Ray Thurston of the Woburn Centre. This is a collection of over 340 pages of letters and articles of Technical advice published in Fishtail. These are on CD for you to view on your computer. You can print any articles you are interested in.

Steering Damper Assemblys are now available as complete units at a special price. Check the special offer page.

MAS159 Steering Damper Rod Wingnut - Thruxton

MAS77/2S Rear Brake Drum & Sprocket with Studs - VM/MSS
E19/8 Dynamo V Belt Pulley on Engine-Two part with flange E19/9.
GCM 103 Alloy One Piece Push Rod Tube (Replaces MAS102/2).