GCM101 Oil Tank Filter Tube Assembly - All Models Excl VMT
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 GCM101 Oil Tank Filter Tube Assembly - All Models Excl Thruxton
A New development stops wet sumping via the oil return pipe.
You will probably need MAS90/2 Oil Return Pipe Fitting to Oil Filter as an addition
 This is a new part which eliminates 2 potential Oil tank problems. 1. With the original Velocette part, if the central tube is not a tight fit on the bottom adaptor then oil drains back from the filter housing into the sump giving the symptoms of wet sumping.2. The original Velocette part has a central stud which threads into the bottom adaptor.  The adaptor has a cross drilling which oil has to pass through. Oil returning to the tank has to pass through this cross hole and the small space between the adaptor and tube.  The clearance is very small, about 1/16" so any large particles collect at this point.  When this occurs in any quantity a blockage occurs and either the exhaust gets smoky and the engine feels heavy or the return oil pipe blows off.This new part has eliminated the central stud.  The tube is threaded onto the tube providing an oil tight seal eliminating problem 1).  Oil passes straight through the adaptor eliminating problem 2).  The adaptor at the bottom and stud assembly at the top are both stainless steel threading into the tube.  This is a direct replacement for the parts: SL102/3 Stud, A293/2A Tube & LE547 adaptor.  
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