MAS5ASS Fork Damper Tube and Rod Assembly
Item code: MAS5ASS
£ 96.00
(Inc VAT £115.20)
 MAS5ASS Fork Damper Tube and Rod Assembly single damped - For the later double dampered type see MAS5/2ASSThis assembly is made up from the following parts: MAS5 Fork damper tube assembly, F260 Fork damper bush, F267 Fork damper bush circlip, F265 Fork damper piston, F259 Fork damper piston rod, F266 Fork damper piston rod washer, LE306 Fork damper piston rod lockwasher, SL56/2 Fork damper piston rod nut 2BA, F251 Fork damper valve, SL56/38 Fork damper rod locknut 5/16 BSF, SL56/7 Fork damper tube adaptor nut 3/8 BSF, SL6/50 Fork Damper tube adaptor tube washer. Normal retail price of separate parts £96.74
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